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The Groupe CB
committed to the local community

"Man is the author, the center and the goal of every institution". is the conviction of the Groupe CB's shareholder-managers.

Our conviction: to create sustainable wealth that benefits the whole of the society in which we live.

In each of our businesses and corporate departments, our commitments are underpinned by strong convictions embodied in the Group's CSR policy, based on 5 pillars:

  • Enhancing human capital
  • Safety for all employees
  • The sustainable development of our activities
  • Healthy, balanced relations with stakeholders
  • Involved in local life

Human capital is
at the heart of the company

More than just a commitment, it's a shared conviction... Human capital is at the core of the company. They are the primary contributors. Our aim is to promote the desire for individual and collective progress by fostering the autonomy and responsibility of each individual.

Skills management and change management, talent recruitment, employee retention, human resources mobility and anticipating tomorrow's professions are a major challenge and a daily reality for the Group.
With operations in some thirty countries, we offer our employees a global outlook.

Protecting the health and integrity of the company's women and men

Involving everyone, mobilizing the whole, recognizing good practices and taking the initiative to control and reduce exposure to risks is a credo that guides the Groupe CB's actions.

Throughout the year, we have taken a number of initiatives to give concrete expression to this pillar of our CSR policy: safety performance awards for each siteand communication of the Groupe CB's 10 safety commandments, and annual organization of the Sécuritour.

Together for a long time...

In our industrial activities, we use and consume natural resources. These resources are scarce, and we are committed to preserving them by reducing, reusing and recycling them, with a view to gradually reducing our footprint.

Healthy, balanced relations with stakeholders

As an influential and responsible player, the Groupe CB develops genuine partnerships with its customers, suppliers and all stakeholders. We seek to maintain long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.

This means, for example, guaranteeing the fairness of its practices, listening to and informing its customers/consumers, practicing sustainable and responsible purchasing, and striving for excellence in the quality of the products and services it offers.

A major player in local life

As a major social force in its region, the Groupe CB contributes to building a more humane, sustainable society and to the health of the local economic fabric.

This involves professionalizing the younger generation, preserving local heritage, supporting cultural activities and local and community projects, as well as promoting local entrepreneurship and organizing local consultation initiatives.