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Companies committed to reducing their environmental impact.

The Groupe CB has always centered its activities on mineral processing and is deeply committed to the transitioning towards more sustainable operations.

"We are passionately committed to our businesses, developing our creativity and nurturing our agility. Thinking outside the box, listening to our customers and markets, remaining receptive to new ideas and embracing ambitious projects are, in our view, essential for providing long-term support to our customers, acting more as partners than mere suppliers".

Franck and Gilles Poulain.

Originally structured around two core sectors: building materials and refractory solutions, the Groupe CB is now expanding its vision to foster a more "responsible" future. This vision is anchored in two primary goals: minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing our impact on natural resources.

Les Granulats du
Groupe CB

The aggregates division of the Groupe CB specializes in operating and enhancing quarries in France and internationally.

It produces and markets high-quality natural and recycled aggregates to meet the needs of industry (iron and steel, lime, sugar, glass, animal feed, etc.), construction (ready-mix concrete, prefabrication) and public works.

TRB, the refractories division of Groupe CB

TRB Réfractaires is an international industrial player, present in 35 countries around the world.

TRB Réfractaires has over 70 years' of- expertise in designing, manufacturing, engineering and supplying silico-aluminous refractory solutions for high-temperature industries (iron and steel, foundries, cement works, ferroalloys,...)

CB Green, the green division of Groupe CB

CB Green's is dedicated to accelerating the decarbonization of the industry and facilitating its transformation. With its expertise and a specialized technical research and developtment center, CB Green's team presents innovative and practical solutions for a range of sectors including industry, environment, construction, and agri-food.

CB Green embodies the Groupe CB's vision as a major player in reducing the environmental impact of industrial activity chains.

Volta Transport, the Groupe CB's logistics business

Volta Transport offers optimized bulk logistics that are more respectful of the environment, thanks to a multimodal approach that integrates rail, sea and river modes.

Leveraging its agility and expertise, the Volta Transport team assists businesses in their modal shift endeavors, offering services ranging from consulting to the comprehensive management of their carbon-neutral logistics, both domestically and internationally. 

Expert in mineral processing, the Groupe CB innovates for sustainable and responsible practices