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OUR Purpose

A Group proud of its values and convictions, serving the public interest.

"Our purpose is to make everyday life easier for women and men, thanks to our teams, our products and our solutions.

The Groupe CB wishes to give meaning and DU meaning to the company and to our actions by integrating all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, citizens, etc.).

Our purpose is a kind of permanent compass that guides our strategic choices.

Our beliefs

No single company can claim to be able to solve the world's problems on its own.
We, the Groupe CB, are convinced, however, that it has the capacity to work with the women and men who make up its workforce, taking into account all the stakeholders in the regions in which it operates.

Our commitments

At Groupe CB, we want to "do our bit" like the hummingbird.
The commitments we make help guide the company's actions and the strategic choices it makes and will make in the future.
In a way, they are our compass, enabling us to move forward serenely in good weather and to stay on course in bad.

Our CSR policy

Fully in line with our Raison d'Etre, the Groupe CB's CSR policy is built around 5 pillars:
Human capital, safety, sustainable development, relations with our stakeholders and our territories. 

Our actions

The Groupe CB has long been a major player in the local community. We take action and make a commitment to our employees, to young people (potential future employees), but also to local players to support and carry out actions with a positive impact on our territories.

" Making daily life easier for women and men thanks to our teams, products and solutions "

  • By developing each individual's autonomy (and responsibility) within a human-scale organization.
  • By producing, creating and acting in an open, learning and innovative family business.
  • By promoting long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and local players.
  • By playing an active role in reducing the environmental impact of the activity chains in which we operate