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Refurbished PCs donated to local schools and associations!

It's a long-term initiative for the Groupe CB, in line with our CSR approach!

Groupe CB Property Manager David Duwat regularly visits town halls, schools and local associations to offer PCs reconditioned by the company's IT department.

These distributions of recycled computers illustrate the Group's commitment to the environment and society. They contribute to the preservation of the planet by giving computers a second life, to the construction of a sustainable and more humane society, and to a commitment to the future of young people .

The latest computer distributions :

  • In June 2023, David Duwat visited the town of Calais to hand over 11 reconditioned PCs to pupils atOran Constantine elementary school (300 pupils from CP to CM2). The computers were distributed to different classrooms to enable teachers to present their lessons on video projectors.
  • July 2023, the representatives of the Offrethun, Beuvrequen, Wacquinghen and Maninghen-Henne school group received their laptops with great enthusiasm! These computers will be a great help to primary school pupils in their introduction to computers!
  • November 2023, our colleague David Duwat handed over 22 computers, reconditioned by Groupe CB's IT department, to the town of Marquise. These PCs will be redistributed to the Carrières nursery school, associations and the commune's administrative services.

Many thanks to our IT department for the time spent refurbishing these computers!