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A committed, forward-looking international company

Producing, creating and acting within a family-owned, open-minded, learning and innovative company is part of our purpose.

The Groupe CB stands out for its exceptional ability to develop innovative solutions, in line with evolving market demands and the imperatives of reducing environmental impact. At the heart of this approach are the men and women who carry out their work with the goal of excellence.

Through our purpose, we emphasize the Groupe CB's essential role in facilitating the daily activities of every citizen, by demonstrating the importance of our products and services and of our teams in many aspects of everyday life.

In response to the future challenges, by 2030, the Groupe CB is moving towards an ambitious strategy, shared and led by all its employees, focusing on solutions that promote decarbonization and on the quest for operational excellence in its teams and organization.

Our innovations

The Groupe CB owes its vitality and growth to the energy it devotes to innovation in its various sectors. Our innovative projects are aimed to improve the daily lives of our teams, as well as offering products and solutions in line with the new market trends and environmental constraints.

Our business lines

With passion, the Groupe CB invests fully in its human resources, experts in their field. The 70 different professions offered by our company encompass not only the design, processing and marketing of natural or recycled minerals, but also the search for innovative solutions that are increasingly adapted to our customers' needs.

Our contributions

The Group CB is constantly listening to its stakeholders, and dedicated to achieving its customers' projects. Our materials, once used by our clients on their construction sites or in their production, very often disappear, and are no longer visible. We are proud to make an active contribution to facilitating the daily lives of women and men through the projects we use every day, which would not be possible without Groupe CB materials.

Our challenges

The Groupe CB's ability to adapt is essential to its long-term future. By 2030, new challenges will guide an ambitious strategy, the fruit of collaborative work. The Groupe CB is focusing on low-carbon and circular economy solutions, while striving for operational excellence.

The Groupe CB has been encouraging initiatives for nearly 130 years.

We offer an environment that promotes entrepreneurial spirit and well-being at work, where innovation and responsibility are core values..

To guarantee our long-term viability and growth, we have set ourselves ambitious and appropriate targets for all the sectors in which we operate.