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CB2M: Accident-free since 2007!

Safety, a collective commitment

This commitment is deeply rooted in the company's values and extends to all its sites.

CB2M, a limestone filler production site based in Ferques, is a perfect example of CB Green's ongoing commitment to safety. Recently, the site successfully passed the impressive threshold of 6,000 accident-free days, marking over 16 years of constant vigilance in respecting and maintaining safety standards.

6,000 days, i.e. over 16 years, testifying to the importance of safety at CB Green, where a commitment to accident prevention is an integral part of the manufacturing process for products such as limestone fillers, which are added to concrete as soon as it is produced to improve its characteristics and properties, such as workability, consistency, compactness and durability.

The teams got together for a convivial moment and were honored to receive a symbolic object, presented jointly by the Groupe CB's Health, Safety and Environment department and former CEO Béatrice Poulain, who made a point of being present for this special occasion.

Congratulations to all CB2M teams on this achievement!