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Our website
uses less energy

This website has been designed to limit its CO2 emissions.

Did you know that the digital sector is now the 6th biggest polluter of our planet? In light of this alarming fact, and in keeping with our commitment to protecting the environment, Groupe CB is proud to present its new eco-designed website!

Our "green" site embodies our approach to reducing our digital impact and limiting our CO2 emissions.

By creating an eco-designed site, we not only minimize the environmental impact of our online presence, but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Green servers:
our eco-responsible commitment

Our site is hosted on green servers, which are distinguished by :

Theirlow electricity consumption, recycling of IT waste, use of electricity generated from 100% renewable energy sources, infrastructures (data centers) designed with sustainable solutions and a strongcommitment to significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Concerned about the environmental impact of the activity chains in which we operate, this approach is totally in line with the Groupe CB's purpose.


By exploring our eco-designed site, you're taking part in a collective effort to reduce our environmental impact, and more specifically the carbon footprint of the digital world. At Groupe CB, we firmly believe that each of our online actions can make a difference. Together, let's take a step towards carbon neutrality and help protect our planet.

Environmental performance is represented by a grade from A to G. The higher the grade, the better! Environmental performance is calculated according to 3 technical indicators: weight, complexity and number of page requests.

What is eco-design?

The eco-design of digital services is one of the keys to reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology. An eco-designed service requires fewer resources and helps extend the life of devices.