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Our commitments help guide the company's actions

A willingness to engage with local communities and authorities.

The nature of our business and our desire to make a commitment lead us to forge lasting partnerships with local and regional communities and authorities. 

We contribute to the preservation of the region's architectural heritage and the social integration of the most vulnerable. As a regional player, we encourage and participate in cultural, sporting and economic initiatives. 

A commitment embodied by all

On the strength of our convictions, Groupe CB is committed to :

  • Working alone or in partnership to develop solutions that enable the replacement of noble natural products with second- or third-life products,
  • Working alone or in partnership to develop innovative techniques and products that emit less greenhouse gas,
  • Favoring investments that will contribute to making the activity chains in which we operate more virtuous,
  • To combine high standards, respect and kindness towards the women and men who make up our company,
  • Strengthen long-term, transparent and mutually supportive relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners, local stakeholders and shareholders,
  • Give back to the planet some of what we have taken from it, by initiating or supporting actions in the public interest,
  • Aim for economic performance as a means of deploying and sustaining all the above, rather than as an end in itself.