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Les granulats du Groupe CB

Les Granulats du Groupe CB More than a century in business, a legacy of excellence and innovation 

CB Green team

A leader in the extraction and recovery of quality materials for industry and construction.

Experts in the extraction and strategic use of natural and recycled aggregates for almost 130 years, the Groupe CB's Aggregates Division is committed to a sustainable and responsible approach to meeting the challenges of tomorrow and the needs of its customers.

The Groupe CB's Aggregates business is distinguished by its diversified production of essential aggregates for a number of industries, including steel, lime, sugar, glass, paper, etc., as well as for the building and public works sector.

The quality of our deposits, combined with our mastery of industrial know-how and the quarrying trade, enable us to respond appropriately and qualitatively to all our projects.

From marble quarrying to France's largest open-air quarry on a single site.

A family legacy with strong local roots that began in 1896 in Ferques (62) with the Marbres du Boulonnais company. Almost 130 years later, the Ferques quarry is now the largest open-cast quarry in France on a single site.

A legacy of excellence and innovation has allowed the industry to grow, extending to 9 additional quarries in France and around the world including, (Carrières du Bassin de la Sambre -CBS, Carrières Blanc, Minéraux Indutriels du Québec, Granulats du Hainaut and La Belonga).


Millions of tonnes of aggregates produced every year




direct and indirect jobs


+100 years of reserve