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Christelle Clabaut, Supply Chain Manager at TRB Refractories

Christelle was hired in 2000 as a sales assistant, then successively held the positions of Sales Manager, BU Manager and, in 2018, Supply Chain Manager. 

I'm delighted to have had these opportunities! The most striking thing for me has been to launch myself into sales, and what's more, abroad.
My desire as a tourism student to discover the world has been fulfilled in a sector I could never have imagined.

What have been the conditions for your success?
Relying on the TRB team has been a real strength.
Learning about the technical aspects of products to be able to respond to customer needs.
Reacting to the unexpected without stress: asserting yourself, pushing yourself, leaving no room for doubt.
Being autonomous to cross new frontiers.
Knowing how to adapt to each culture: you don't work the same way with a Scandinavian as with a Czech.

How do you see the future?
I love new challenges, and I think I'm going to have a great time with my team! We've got a whole process to improve, and the ideas are flowing!